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Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 Manual page 25

Indoor residential and comme rcial tankless water heaters
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Fig. 17
Horizontal venting system (sealed combustion)
[1] Intake
[2] Exhaust
[3] Termination
Fig. 18
Vertical venting system with flex PP (sealed
[1] Intake
[2] Exhaust
Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 | SEC 199
With Flex Pipe the maximum length is
reduced by 60%, (applies only to the section
in flex PP). Example: 10 feet of flex PP is
equivalent to 25 feet of rigid PP.
Flex Pipe according to the suppliers
instructions for use in the vertical part of the
installation only.
4.6.5 Connecting the condensate water drain
NOTICE: Risk of condensate pipe freezing!
▶ Do not install condensate drain tubing in
areas where it may freeze.
Appliance condensate drain installation
The appliance comes equipped with an internal condensate
drain and siphon. This drains condensation formed in the
secondary heat exchanger. Piping must be installed under the
condensate drain outlet on the water heater and piped for
disposal in accordance with local codes.
To install the condensate drain, connect a ¾ "NPT adapter on
the water heater.
Fig. 19
Appliance drain installation
[1] Condensate drain connection
Verify condensate disposal/neutralization is
in accordance with federal, State, and local
Installation instructions | 25
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