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Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 Manual page 39

Indoor residential and comme rcial tankless water heaters
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CAUTION: The temperature shown on the
display is approximate, always check with
your hand before bathing children or elderly.
Setting the water temperature
The desired temperature of hot water can be adjusted on the
front control panel of the heater.
The water heater has an electronically controlled gas valve that
modulates the burner input in response to both varying hot
water flow rates and/or changes in any incoming and outgoing
water temperatures.
Saving water resources:
Fig. 35
Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 | SEC 199
6.4.1 Programming the default setpoint temperature
Fig. 36
"Program" key
▶ Touch the symbol
▶ Hold the "OK" button for 3 seconds to save the default set
point temperature.
When the display stops blinking, the default set point
temperature is saved in memory.
Selecting the default setpoint temperature
In order to select the default setpoint temperature
▶ Touch the "OK" button.
Display shows the default setpoint temperature, which is now
the hot water selected setpoint-temperature.
6.4.2 Solar Mode
The water heater will not ignite if the inlet water temperature
exceeds the set point temperature minus 1.8 °F (1 °C). In this
condition, the solar mode indicator will show on the display.
If the appliance does not ignite, it means that the desired set
temperature would be exceeded even running at minimum
Solar mode/warm inlet temperature activation formula
Temp. inlet > [Temp. set - 1.8 °F (1 °C)]
Ex.: 111 °F (43.9 °C) > [112 °F (44.4 °C) - 1.8 °F (1 °C)]
Table 19
Operating Instructions | 39
to select the desired
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