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Gas Type - Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 Manual

Indoor residential and comme rcial tankless water heaters
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6.8.2 BP bypass valve auto calibration
▶ Open one hot water tap.
Flow rate between 0.80 GPM and 1.80 GPM is required.
It's possible to confirm this value by entering the BP bypass
menu (see below).
▶ Access menu PA.
▶ Touch symbol OK.
▶ Touch symbols
▶ Touch symbol OK.
The appliance will start the auto calibration of the bypass
The display shows the flow rate.
▶ You should adjust the flow rate at the
beginning of the calibration process.
▶ Wait for the indication that the
calibration is completed to appear on the
▶ Touch the symbol

Gas type

Only possible after access Authentication
▶ Access to menu P7 Gas Type.
Display shows appliance gas type.
▶ Use the symbols
The gas type conversion must only be carried
out by a qualified contractor.
▶ Touch the symbol
Display blinks 3 times and return to P7 menu.
6.9.1 Gas conversion from NG to LPG
DANGER: Fatal accidents!
Before any service or testing in the
▶ Turn off the appliance.
▶ Disconnect the power supply cord.
▶ Shut off the gas supply.
Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 | SEC 199
to select BP bypass valve.
to return to main menu.
to confirm gas type.
The gas type conversion must only be carried
out by a qualified contractor.
▶ Turn Off the appliance.
▶ Remove the front cover from the appliance (section 3.3.2).
▶ Remove the four screws that retain the cover plate to the
gas manifold, see fig. 44 (plate in grey color).
Fig. 44
Gas manifold
▶ Remove metal plate and seal.
▶ The 3 restrictor plates should be pre-assembled onto their
tray, but if loose in box, follow installation instructions, as
shown in fig. 45 [1].
▶ Insert the LP conversion plate in the appropriate location
shown in Fig. 45 [2].
▶ All three flow restrictors and seal must
be assembled according to the Fig. 45,
to assure correct appliance
Fig. 45
Gas conversion kit
▶ Tighten the four screws.
▶ Open the gas supply valve.
▶ Turn On the appliance.
Operating Instructions | 45
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