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Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 Manual page 4

Indoor residential and comme rcial tankless water heaters
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4 | Key to symbols and safety instructions
Insufficient ventilation may cause toxic flue gas to escape.
Risk of poisoning.
▶ Never close off or reduce the size of the air intake and outlet
▶ The appliance must not be operated until any obstructions
have been removed.
▶ Inform the customer of the problem and the associated
Danger from escaping flue gases
▶ Ensure all vent pipes and chimneys are not damaged or
▶ Connect only one appliance to each vent system or chimney
liner, except for cascading installation.
▶ The venting system piping must not feed into another air
extraction duct.
▶ Do not route the flue system piping through or inside
another air extraction duct.
Danger of explosion of flammable gases
▶ Work on gas components may only be carried out by a
trained and certified installer.
▶ Installation, gas and flue connection, initial commissioning,
electrical connections and annual maintenance must only
be carried out by a trained and certified installer.
Combustion air
▶ Keep the combustion air free of corrosive substances
(halogenated hydrocarbons that contain chlorine or fluorine
Never shut off safety valves!
▶ Water may escape from the safety valve at any time when
the water is being heated.
▶ Servicing and repairs may only be carried out by a trained
and certified installer.
▶ Immediately correct all faults to prevent system damage.
▶ Use only Bosch spare parts!
Instruct the customer
▶ Explain to the customer how the appliance works and how
to operate it.
▶ Inform the customer that he/she must not carry out any
alterations or repairs.
Danger from electric shock
▶ Ensure that only an authorized contractor performs
electrical work.
▶ Before performing electrical work, disconnect the power
and secure the unit against unintentional reconnection.
▶ Ensure the system has been disconnected from the power
6 720 816 815 (2016/10)
Risk of scalding at the hot water fixture
▶ When the water heater is in operation, temperatures in
excess of 120 °F (49 °C) can occur. To limit the temperature
at the tap, install a thermostatic DHW mixing valve.
▶ Water heated for washing the laundry, dishes and for other
cleaning purposes can cause scalding and permanent
▶ Children, disable and elderly are at highest risk of being
scalded. Never leave such individuals in the tub or shower
unattended under any circumstances. Children must not be
allowed to operate hot water faucets themselves.
▶ If the building has occupants in the above groups who
operate hot water faucets, or state laws / local ordinances
stipulate specific water temperatures, take the following
– Use the lowest possible temperature setting.
– To prevent scalding, install a tempering device, such as
an automatic mixing valve, at hot water tap or water
heater. Select and install the automatic mixing valve in
accordance with the valve manufacturer's
recommendations and instructions.
▶ Water exiting from drain valves can be extremely hot. To
avoid injuries:
– Check that all connections are tight.
– Direct exiting water away from people.
▶ Measures must be taken to protect against excessive
temperature and pressure! Installation of a T&P safety valve
is required.
To protect against corrosion and ensure compliance with the
rules for electrical safety, observe the following points:
▶ Use metal fittings for potable water heating systems with
plastic piping.
▶ Use only original accessories from the manufacturer.
▶ When installation of the water heater is complete, inspect
and confirm proper ground conductor.
Customers are advised to:
▶ Inspect and maintain the water heater on a yearly basis.
Service as needed. See chapter 7.1 .
▶ Use only genuine spare parts.
▶ After a flood, do not use the appliance if any part has been
submerged. Damage to appliances that have been
submerged can be quite severe and pose numerous safety
▶ Every appliance that has been submerged must be
Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 | SEC 199



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