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Maintenance And Service - Bosch Pro Tankless GWH-450-ES Series Manual

Temperature modulated with electronic ignition - normal duty suitable for recirculating potable water only
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Maintenance and service

Warning: Always turn off the electrical
power supply, turn off the manual gas
valve and turn off the manual water
control valves whenever servicing.
The unit should be checked once a year by a gas
technician. If repairs are needed, the repairs should be
done by a gas technician
To remove front cover
B Loosen the two Philips head screws located as
shown in fig. 2).
B Pull control panel upwards and then pull it
B Lift front cover panel upward and remove.
Yearly maintenance
Reference diagrams on pages 27 and 28.
• Venting system
• Unclip 4 access clip to inspect and clean burner
• Manual operation of the pressure relief valve to insure
correct operation
• As indicated by reduced flow, flush the heat
exchanger with a descaling solution if mineral build
up is evident. Scale build up will shorten the life of the
water heater, descale heat exchanger thoroughly and
repeat annually depending on mineral content of
ground water.
6 720 607 915
Maintenance and service



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