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Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 Manual page 21

Indoor residential and comme rcial tankless water heaters
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Required direct vent terminal clearances (twin pipe / concentric penetration)
Fig. 10
A Clearance above grade, veranda, porch, deck or balcony
B Clearance to window or door that may be opened
C Clearance to permanently closed window
D Vertical clearance to ventilated soffit located above the terminal within a
horizontal distance of 2 ft (61cm) from the center line of the terminal.
E Clearance to unventilated soffit
F Clearance to outside corner
G Clearance to inside corner
H Clearance to each side of center line extended above meter/regulator
I Clearance to service regulator vent outlet
J Clearance to nonmechanical air supply inlet to building or the combustion air
inlet to any other appliance.
K Clearance to a mechanical air supply inlet
L Clearance above paved sidewalk or paved driveway located on public property 7 ft (2.13m)
M Clearance under veranda, porch deck or balcony
Table 9
1) In accordance with the current CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code.
2) In accordance with the current ANSI Z223.1 / NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code.
3) A vent shall not terminate directly above a sidewalk or paved driveway that is located between two single family dwellings and serves both dwellings.
4) Permitted only if veranda, porch, deck or balcony is fully open on a minimum of two sides beneath the floor.
For clearances not specified in ANSI Z223.1 / NFPA 54 or CSA-B149.1, one of the following shall be indicated:
a) a minimum clearance value determined by testing in accordance with Clause 5.20, Draft hoods, or;
b) a reference to the following footnote:
"Clearance in accordance with local installation codes and the requirements of the gas supplier."
Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 | SEC 199
Installation instructions | 21
Canadian installations
with direct vent terminals
12 in. (30cm)
36 in. (91cm)
36 in. (91cm) within a height
15 ft (4.6m) above the meter/
regulator assembly
36 in. (91cm)
36 in. (91cm)
6 feet (1.83m)
12 in. (30cm)
U.S. installations
direct vent terminals
12 in. (30cm)
12 in. (30cm) below or to
side of opening; 12 in.
(30cm) above opening.
12 in. (30cm)
36 in. (91cm) above if
within 10 ft (3m)
6 720 816 815 (2016/10)



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