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To Set The Clock - Kenwood CM470 series Manual

Cm470 series; cm480 series
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Table of Contents
5 Lower the water filter holder into the
water tank and fit into position in the
6 Fill the tank with the desired amount
of water. The water must be
between the top and bottom cup
marks. Do not fill above the MAX
level. (Alternatively fill the water tank
when fitted inside the coffee maker
but take care not to cause spillage.)
Use cold water. We recommend
using filtered water from a Kenwood
Water Filter as it reduces limescale.
Never use warm or fizzy water.
7 Replace the water tank back into the
coffee maker.
8 Ensure the filter holder is in position
in the coffee maker.
9 Fit either the permanent filter
supplied or a paper filter into the
filter holder. Add the coffee, use the
spoon provided (approximately 1
level spoon per cup or to taste).
10 Close the lid and adjust the aroma
control as required. Turn the control
to the left for stronger coffee and to
the right for weaker coffee.
11 CM470 series
Put the carafe on the hotplate.
CM480 series
To achieve the best performance,
rinse the thermal carafe with hot
water immediately before switching
on the coffee maker.
Screw the lid onto the thermal
carafe. For brewing, the lid should
be fully closed with the tab on the
lid in line with the carafe handle. Put
the carafe on the base.
12 Plug into the power supply and
press the on/off button.
13 Press the on/off button twice to start
brewing immediately. The on/off
button will glow and the coffee
maker will start to operate. The back
light of the display will come on and
automatically switch off after 10
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To stop the brewing process at any
time, press the on/off button. The
back light of the display will come on
for one minute and then go off
14 Don't remove the carafe until
brewing has finished.
CM470 series
The hot plate will keep your coffee
hot, but the sooner you drink it, the
better it will taste.
Your coffee maker will keep the
coffee warm and then automatically
switch off after 2 hours. To manually
switch off earlier, press the on/off
CM480 series
To pour coffee after brewing has
finished, unscrew the lid 180° so
that the tab on the lid is in line with
the pouring spout. Once the desired
amount of coffee has been poured,
screw the lid back on to best retain
the coffee temperature.
As soon as all the coffee has
brewed, switch off and unplug the
If you haven't used the machine for
a while, run one lot of water through
it (without coffee) to clean it out. Fill
the water tank to the top cup mark
when you do this.
Never put the carafe in the

to set the clock

1 Plug in the coffee maker, the
backlight will come on and the
display will flash.
2 Select the correct time of day by
pressing the clock button once and
the time will advance by 1 minute.
Press and hold down the button and
the time will advance in 15 minute
If required, press the program
button once to change between the
12 and 24 hour clock.

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Table of Contents

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