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Pyrolytic Cleaning; Internal Light - AEG BY931460IM User Manual

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closed furniture panel and cause
subsequent damage to the appliance,
the housing unit or the floor. Do not
close the furniture panel until the
appliance has cooled down
completely after use.
2.4 Care and cleaning
• Before maintenance, deactivate the
appliance and disconnect the mains
plug from the mains socket.
• Make sure the appliance is cold.
There is the risk that the glass panels
can break.
• Replace immediately the door glass
panels when they are damaged.
Contact the Authorised Service
• Be careful when you remove the door
from the appliance. The door is
• Clean regularly the appliance to
prevent the deterioration of the
surface material.
• Clean the appliance with a moist soft
cloth. Only use neutral detergents. Do
not use any abrasive products,
abrasive cleaning pads, solvents or
metal objects.
• If you use an oven spray, obey the
safety instructions on the packaging.
• Do not clean the catalytic enamel (if
applicable) with any kind of

2.5 Pyrolytic cleaning

• Before carrying out a Pyrolitic self-
cleaning function or the First Use
please remove from the oven cavity:
– any excess food residues, oil or
– any removable objects (including
EURO Appliances -
Risk of injury, fire, or damage
to the appliance.
Risk of Injury / Fires /
Chemical Emissions (Fumes)
in Pyrolitic Mode.
grease spills / deposits.
shelves, side rails etc., provided
with the product) particularly any
non-stick pots, pans, trays,
utensils etc.
• Read carefully all the instructions for
Pyrolytic cleaning.
• Keep children away from the
appliance while the Pyrolytic cleaning
is in operation.
The appliance becomes very hot and
hot air is released from the front
cooling vents.
• Pyrolytic cleaning is a high
temperature operation that can
release fumes from cooking residues
and construction materials, as such
consumers are strongly advised to:
– provide good ventilation during
and after each Pyrolytic cleaning.
– provide good ventilation during
and after the first use at maximum
temperature operation.
• Unlike all humans, some birds and
reptiles can be extremely sensitive to
potential fumes emitted during the
cleaning process of all Pyrolytic
– Remove any pets (especially birds)
from the vicinity of the appliance
location during and after the
Pyrolytic cleaning and first use
maximum temperature operation
to a well ventilated area.
• Small pets can also be highly sensitive
to the localized temperature changes
in the vicinity of all Pyrolytic Ovens
when the Pyrolytic self cleaning
program is in operation.
• Non-stick surfaces on pots, pans,
trays, utensils etc., can be damaged
by the high temperature Pyrolytic
cleaning operation of all Pyrolytic
Ovens and can be also a source for
low level harmful fumes.
• Fumes released from all Pyrolytic
Ovens / Cooking Residues as
described are not harmful to humans,
including infants or persons with
medical conditions.

2.6 Internal light

• The type of light bulb or halogen
lamp used for this appliance is only
for household appliances. Do not use
it for house lighting.
Risk of electrical shock.


Table of Contents

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