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AEG BY931460IM User Manual page 13

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Table of Contents
Heating function
6.4 Activating a heating
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Select the menu: Heating Functions.
3. Press
EURO Appliances -
Moist Fan Baking
Keep Warm
Bottom Heat
Dough Proving
Bread Baking
Au Gratin
Plate Warming
ECO Roasting
to confirm.
To prepare baked goods in tin on one shelf posi-
tion. To save energy during cooking. This function
must be used in accordance with the cooking ta-
bles in order to achieve the desired cooking re-
sult. To get more information about the recom-
mended settings, refer to the cooking tables. This
function was used to define the energy efficiency
class acc. to EN 60350-1.
To keep food warm.
This function can be used for defrosting frozen
foods, such as vegetables and fruits. The defrost-
ing time depends on the amount and size of the
frozen food.
To bake cakes with crispy bottom and to preserve
For controlled rising of yeast dough before bak-
To bake bread.
For dishes such as lasagna or potato gratin. Also
to gratinate and brown.
To make vegetable preserves such as pickles.
To dry sliced fruit (e.g. apples, plums, peaches)
and vegetables (e.g. tomatoes, zucchini, mush-
To preheat plates for serving.
When you use this function during cooking, it al-
lows you to optimize the energy consumption. To
get more information about the recommended
settings, refer to the cooking tables with the
equivalent function (Turbo Grilling).
4. Select a heating function.
5. Press
to confirm.
6. Set the temperature.
7. Press
to confirm.


Table of Contents

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