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Table of Contents
- Pre-baked
- Not pre-baked
- Calzone
Fresh Pizza Pre-baked
Pizza Snack
11.7 Advice for special heating
functions of the oven
Keep Warm
Use this function if you want to keep
food warm.
The temperature regulates itself
automatically to 80 °C.
Plate Warming
For warming plates and dishes.
Distribute plates and dishes evenly on
the wire shelf. Move stacks around after
half of the warming time (swap top and
The automatic temperature is 70 °C.
Recommended shelf position: 3.
Dough Proving
You can use this automatic function with
any recipe for yeast dough you like. It
gives you a good atmosphere for rising.
Put the dough into a dish that is big
enough for rising and cover it with a wet
towel or plastic foil. Insert a wire shelf on
the first shelf position and put the dish in.
Close the door and set the function:
Dough Proving. Set the necessary time.
EURO Appliances -
11.8 Baking
• Your oven may bake or roast
differently to the appliance you had
before. Adapt your usual settings
(temperature, cooking times) and
shelf positions to the values in the
• The manufacturer recommends that
you use the lower temperature the
first time.
• If you cannot find the settings for a
special recipe, look for the one that is
almost the same.
• You can extend baking times by 10 –
15 minutes if you bake cakes on more
than one shelf position.
• Cakes and pastries at different
heights do not always brown equally
at first. If this occurs, do not change
the temperature setting. The
differences equalize during the
baking procedure.
• With longer baking times, you can
deactivate the oven approximately 10
minutes before the end of the baking
time and then use the residual heat.
When you cook frozen food, the trays in
the oven can twist during baking. When
the trays become cold again, the
distortions are gone.
Pizza base, not fully baked
and without additional top-
Without extra topping.


Table of Contents

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