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Check Points During The Acp Iv Installation - LG PACP4B000 Installation & User Manual


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Installing ACP IV
Installing the ACP IV
The ACP IV installation work needs the professional technique. Therefore, the installation
described in this chapter should be performed by the certified installation professional.
Consult the service center or the professional installation agency certified by us about any
question or request related to the installation.

Check points during the ACP IV installation

• The number of PI485 connected to one RS-485 communication line
ACP IV provides 4 RS-485 ports for indoor unit connection. (CH 1~4)
Up to 16 PI485 for outdoor unit can be connected to one RS-485 port, and up to 31 PI485 for
SINGLE/ERV can be connected.
• The number of the indoor units that can be connected to one ACP IV
One ACP IV can be connected up to 256 indoor units. With ACS I/O interlocking, you can
connect 128 indoor units and 16 I/O modules. And with chiller interlocking, you can connect
128 indoor units and 10 chiller units.
But, to improve the communication performance of RS-485, it is recommended to be divided
and connected to 4 ports.
To one RS-485 port, all of 256 indoor units, which is the maximum number that can be
connected to the ACP IV, may be connected.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents