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Chapter 9. Installation And Wiring; Installation; Installation Environment - LG MASTER-K 120S Series User Manual

Programmable logic controller
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Chapter 9 Installation and Wiring

Chapter 9. Installation and wiring

9.1 Installation


Installation Environment

This unit has high reliability regardless of its installation environment, but be sure to check the following for system reliability.
1) Environment requirements
Avoid installing this unit in locations which are subjected or exposed to:
(1) Water leakage and dust.
(2) Continuous shocks or vibrations.
(3) Direct sunlight.
(4) Dew condensation due to rapid temperature change.
(5) Higher or lower temperatures outside the range of 0 to 55℃
(6) Relative humidity outside the range of 5 to 95℃
(7) Corrosive or flammable gases
2) Precautions during installing
(1) During drilling or wiring, do not allow any wire scraps to enter into the PLC.
(2) Install it on locations that are convenient for operation.
(3) Make sure that it is not located on the same panel that high voltage equipment located.
(4) Make sure that the distance from the walls of duct and external equipment be 50mm or more.
(5) Be sure to be grounded to locations that have good ambient noise immunity.
3) Heat protection design of control box
(1) When installing the PLC in a closed control box, be sure to design heat protection of control box with consideration of the
heat generated by the PLC itself and other devices.
(2) It is recommended that filters or closed heat exchangers be used.
(3) The following shows the procedure for calculating the PLC system power consumption.



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