Control, Maintenance And Service Of The Machine's Safety Equipment - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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3. Vibration
damping system
Your machine is equipped
with a vibration damping
system, which is designed
to give as vibration-free
and comfortable use as
The machine's vibration
damping system reduces
the transfer of vibrations
between the engine unit/
cutting equipment and the
machine's handle unit.
Over exposure to vibrations can result in
blood-vessel or nerve injury to persons
suffering with blood circulation problems.
Seek medical attention if you experience
physical symptoms that can be related to
over exposure to vibrations. Examples of
such symptoms are "numbness", lack of
feeling, "tickling", "pricking", "pain" lack of
or a reduction in normal strength, changes
in the colour of the skin or its surfaces.
These symptoms normally appear in the
fingers, hands or wrists.
4. Muffler
The muffler is designed to
give the lowest possible noise
level and to direct the engine's
exhaust fumes away from the
operator. Muffler fitted with
catalytic converter is also
designed to reduce harmful
exhaust components.
In countries that have a warm
and dry climate the risk of fire
is obvious. We have therefore
fitted certain mufflers with a
spark arrest screen. Make sure
that your muffler is fitted
with this kind of screen.
It is extremely important that
the instructions for checking,
maintaining and servicing the
muffler are followed. (see the
section "Control, maintenance
and service of the machine's
safety equipment").
Mufflers fitted with catalytic converters
become extremely hot during use and
after stopping. This also applies at idling
speeds. Contact can result in burns to
the skin. Be observant to the risk of fire!
Bear in mind that exhaust fumes:
• contain carbon monoxide, which can
cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
Therefore never start or run the machine
indoors or anywhere with inadequate
• are hot and can contain sparks that can
cause fires. Never start the machine
indoors or close to inflammable material.
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Table of Contents

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