Tensioning The Saw Chain; Lubricating Cutting Equipment - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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D. Adjusting raker clearance
• When correction of the
raker clearance is made
the teeth must be newly
We recommend that you
adjust the raker clearance
every third time you
sharpen the chain.
NOTE! This
recommendation assumes
that the length of the
cutting teeth is not
reduced excessively.
• A FLAT FILE and an
GAUGE are required to
correct the raker
• Place the gauge over the
raker lip.
• Place the file over the
part of the lip that
protrudes through the
gauge and file off the
excess. The clearance is
correct when you no
longer feel any resistance
as you draw the file over
the gauge.

Tensioning the saw chain

A slack chain may jump off and cause
serious or even fatal injury.
• The more you use a
chain the longer it
becomes. It is therefore
important to adjust the
chain regularly to take up
the slack.
• Check the chain tension
every time you refuel.
NOTE! A new chain has
a running-in period
during which you should
check and adjust the
chain tension more
• As a rule the chain
should be tensioned as
tightly as possible, but
not so tight that you
cannot pull it round
freely by hand.
– English
1. Undo the bar nut.
2. Tension the chain by
turning the chain
tensioning screw
clockwise using the
combination spanner.
Tighten the chain until
it no longer hangs slack
beneath the bar.
3. Use the combination
spanner to tighten the
blade nut while lifting
the tip of the bar at the
same time. Check that
you can pull the chain
round freely by hand.

Lubricating cutting equipment

Poor lubrication of cutting equipment may
cause the chain to snap and lead to serious,
even fatal injuries.
A. Chain oil
• Chainsaw chain oil must demonstrate good adhesion to the
chain and also maintain its flow caracteristics regardless of
whether it is warm summer or cold winter weather.
• As a chainsaw manufacturer we have developed an optimal
chain oil which, with its vegetable oil base, is also
biodegradable. We recommend the use of our own oil for
both maximum chain life and to minimise environmental
• If our own chain oil is not available, standard chain oil is
• In areas where oil specifically for lubrication of saw chains is
unavailable, ordinary EP 90 transmission oil may be used.
• Never use waste oil!
This is dangerous for yourself, the saw and the environment.
B. Filling with chain oil
The oil pump is preset at
the factory to meet most
lubrication requirements
and a full oil tank will last
about half as long as a tank
of fuel. You should
therefore check the level in
the oil tank regularly to
avoid damaging the chain
and bar by running out of


Table of Contents

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