Air Filter; Maintenance Schedule - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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Air filter

The air filter should be
cleaned regularly removing
dust and dirt to avoid:
• carburetor malfunction
• starting problems
• reduced engine power
• unnecessary wear to
engine parts
• abnormal fuel
Clean the filter after every
25 hours or more regularly
if operating conditions are
exceptionally dusty.
Cleaning the air filter
Dismantle the air filter cover and remove the air filter. Wash in
clean, warm soapy water. Ensure that the filter is dry before
refitting. An air filter used for a long period of time can never
be cleaned completely. Therefore it is necessary to replace the
filter from time to time with a new filter. A damaged air filter
must always be replaced.
If the machine is used in dusty conditions the air filter should
be soaked in oil, see the section on "Oiling the air filter".
Oiling the air filter
Always use HUSQVARNA
filter oil, order no. 503 47
73-01. The filter oil
contains a solvent to make
it spread evenly through
the filter. You should
therefore avoid skin
contact. Put the filter in a
plastic bag and the pour
the filter oil over it. Knead
the plastic bag to distribute
the oil. Squeeze the excess
oil out of the filter inside
the plastic bag and pour
off the excess before fitting
the filter on the machine. Never use common engine oil. This
would drain through the filter quite quickly and collect in the
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Maintenance schedule

Below follows some general maintenance instructions.
If you need further information please contact your service
Daily maintenance
1. Clean the outside of the
2. Make sure the throttle
trigger lock and the
throttle function
correctly from a safety
point of view.
3. Check that the stop
switch functions.
4. Check that the
cuttingequipment do
not rotate while idling
5. Clean the air filter.
Replace if necessary.
6. Check that all nuts and
screws are tightened.
7. Check that there are no
fuel leaks.
8. Clean the area under the
protective cover.

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Table of Contents

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