Basic Working Techniques - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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Protective instructions when
work is completed
• The transport guard should always be fitted to the
cuttingequipment when the machine is not in use.
• Ensure the cuttingequipment has stopped and remove the
spark plug cable from the spark plug before carrying out
cleaning, repairs or an inspection.
• Always wear heavy duty
gloves when repairing the
chain. The cutting-
equipment is extremely
sharp and can easily
causes cuts.
• Store the machine out of
reach from children.
• Only use original spare
parts when carrying out

Basic working techniques

• The machine should be
held as close to the body
as possible to get the best
• Make sure that the tip
does not touch the
• Do not rush the work,
but work steadily until all
the branches have been
cut back cleanly.
• Always drop to idling
speed after each working
operation. Longer periods
running at full throttle
without loading the
engine can lead to serious
engine damage.
• Allways cut with the engine
at full throttle.
• Let the engine drop back to
idle between each cut. Long
periods at full throttle can
cause serious damage to
the centrifugal clutch.
Never stand directly underneath a branch
that is being cut, otherwise you may suffer
serious or even fatal injury.
– English
Observe great care when working close to overhead power
lines. Falling branches can result in short-circuiting.
Observe the applicable safety regulations
for work in the vicinity of overhead power
This machine is not electrically insulated.
If the machine touches or comes close to
live electricity lines, it could cause death
or serious injury. Electricity can jump from
one point to another in the form of a high-
voltage arc. The higher the voltage, the
further the electricity can jump. Electricity
can also be conducted by branches and
other objects, especially if they are wet.
Always keep a distance of at least 10 m (30
ft) between the machine and live electricity
lines and/or objects that are touching
them. If you have to work closer than this,
always contact the relevant power com-
pany to make sure the power is switched
off before you start your work.
This machine has a long reach. Make sure
that no people or animals come closer than
15 m (45 ft) when the machine is running.
• Whenever possible position
yourself so that you can
make the cut at right angles
to the branch.
• Do not work with the shaft
held straight out in front of
you (like a fishing rod).
This increases the apparent
weight of the cutting
• Cut large branches in stages
to give better control over
where they fall.
• Never cut through the
swelling at the root of the
branch as this will slow
down healing and increase
the risk of fungal attack.

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Table of Contents

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