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Equipment - Husqvarna 323P4 Operator's Manual

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Inspecting, maintaining and
servicing machine safety equipment
All service and repairs to the machine require
special training.
This applies especially to the machine's safety
equipment. If the machine does not meet any of
the controls listed below you should contact your
service workshop.
The purchase of one of our products
guarantees that professional repair and servicing
will be carried out on it. If the point of purchase is
not one of our servicing dealers, please ask for
details of the closest service workshop.
1. Throttle trigger
• Check that the throttle is
locked in the "idling
position" when the
throttle trigger lock is in
its original position.
• Press in the throttle
trigger lock and make sure
it returns to its original
position when released.
• Ensure that the throttle
and throttle trigger lock
move easily and that their
return spring systems
• See section "Start". Start
the machine and apply
full throttle. Release the
throttle and check that the
cutting equipment stops
and remains at a standstill.
If the cutting equipment
moves with the throttle in
the idling position, then
the carburettor's idling
setting must be checked.
See chapter
– English
2. Stop switch
• Start the engine and make
sure that the engine stops
when the stop switch is
moved to the stop
3. Vibration
damping system
• Check the vibration
damping element
regularly for material
cracks and distortion.
• Check that the vibration
damping element is
undamaged and securely
4. Muffler
1. Never use a machine that
has a defective muffler.
2. Check regularly that the
muffler is secure.
3. If your muffler is fitted
with a spark arrest screen
then it should be cleaned
regularly. A blocked
screen leads to the engine
overheating with serious
damage as a result. Never
use a muffler with a
defective spark arrest



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