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Final setting of the idling speed T
Adjust the idling speed with
the screw T, if it is necessary
to readjust. First turn the
idle speed adjusting screw T
clockwise until the cutting-
eqipment starts to rotate/
Then turn, counter-clock-
wise until the cutting-
equipment stops. A correctly
adjusted idle speed setting
occurs when the engine runs
smoothly in every position.
It should also be good
margin to the rpm when the
cuttingequipment starts to
CAUTION! Contact your servicing dealer, if the idle speed
setting cannot be adjusted so that the cutting attachment
stops. Do not use the machine until it has been properly
adjusted or repaired.
High speed needle
The high speed needle
affects the machine's power,
speed, temperature and fuel
consumption. A too lean
adjustment on the high
speed needle H (the high
speed needle H is screwed in
too much) gives a too high
speed resulting in engine
damage. Do not allow the
engine to run at full speed
for more than 10 seconds.
Apply full throttle and turn
the high speed needle H
slowly anticlockwise until
the engine runs unevenly.
The high speed needle H is
then turned slowly
clockwise a little until the
engine runs smoothly.
Note the engine should be
run unloaded when
adjusting the high speed
needle. The high speed
needle is adjusted correctly
when the machine 'splatters'
a little .
NOTE! For optimum setting of the carburetor, contact a
qualified servicing dealer who has a revolution counter at his
– English
Correctly adjusted carburetor
A correctly adjusted carburetor means that the machine
accelerates without hesitation and the machine 4-cycles a little
at max speed. Furthermore, the cuttingequipment, must not
rotate/move at idling. A too lean adjusted low speed needle L
may cause starting difficulties and bad acceleration.
A too lean adjusted high speed needle H gives lower power =
less capacity, bad acceleration and/or damage to the engine.
A too rich adjustment of the two speed needles L and H gives
acceleration problems or too low working speed.


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