Muffler; Air Filter - Husqvarna 522HS75S Workshop Manual

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7.4 Muffler

7.4.1 To disassemble the muffler
1. Remove the 2 screws and remove the muffler cover.
2. Remove the 2 screws and remove the muffler.
3. Remove the gasket behind the heat shield.
4. Remove the screw and remove the spark arrester.
7.4.2 To clean and examine the muffler
1. Clean all components. Clean the contact surfaces of
the gasket, the heat deflector and the cylinder.
2. Examine the spark arrester for damage.
3. Examine the muffler and the muffler holder for
4. Examine the gasket for damage.
5. Replace all damaged parts.
7.4.3 To assemble the muffler
1. Assemble the muffler in the opposite sequence of
disassemble the muffler on page 17 .
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7.5 Air filter

7.5.1 To disassemble the air filter
1. Pull the clips (A) to the side to release the air filter
cover (B). The air filter cover is connected to the air
filter holder by a rod (C).
2. Remove the air filter (D) and the foam filter (E).
7.5.2 To clean and examine the air filter
1. Put on protective gloves.
2. Spray the foam filter (E) with air-filter oil.
3. Put the air filter in a plastic bag.
4. Rub the plastic bag to supply the oil equally across
the air filter.
5. Push the unwanted oil out of the air filter while in the
plastic bag.
7.5.3 To assemble the air filter
1. Assemble in the opposite sequence of
disassemble the air filter on page 17 .
Repair instructions - 17


Table of Contents

Table of Contents