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Cordless blower
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3. Do not allow foreign matter to enter the hole for
connecting the rechargeable battery.
4. Never disassemble the rechargeable battery and
5. Never short-circuit the rechargeable battery. Short-
circuiting the battery will cause a great electric
current and overheat. It results in burn or damage
to the battery.
6. Do not dispose of the battery in fire.
If the battery is burnt, it may explode.
7. Bring the battery to the shop from which it was
purchased as soon as the post-charging battery
life becomes too short for practical use. Do not
dispose of the exhausted battery.
8. Using an exhausted battery will damage the
9. Do not insert object into the air ventilation slots
of the charger.
Inserting metal objects or inflammables into the
charger air ventilation slots will result in electrical
shock hazard or damaged charger.
10. Do not put your hands or face near the cordless
blower opening during use.
Doing so might lead to injuries.
11. Remove this unit a safe distance away from electrical
conductors when cleaning sections carrying electrical
power such as the electrical panel.
12. Do not block the cordless blower opening or intake.
Blocking the cordless blower opening will cause an
increase in the motor rotation speed abnormally and
might damage the vanes on the inner section of the
unit or cause injuries. The motor might also overheat
and cause a fire.


No-load speed
Air pressure
Air volume
Continuous operating time
Usable battery
(Optional accessories)
Usable charger
(Optional accessory)
Weight (With battery)


Nozzle .......................................................................... 1
Standard accessories are subject to change without
13. Do not use in locations where inflammable materials
such as lacquer, paint, benzene, thinner or gasoline
are present. Also do not let items such as lighted
cigarette butts be suctioned inside at such locations.
Explosion or fires might result.
14. Do not use in environments subject to heavy doses
of chemicals, etc.
Plastic sections such as the vanes on the inner section
of the unit might weaken and break, and injuries
might occur.
15. If you notice the unit is operating poorly or making
abnormal noises, immediately stop using and shut
off the power switch. Request an inspection and repair
from the dealer where you purchased the unit or a
Hitachi Authorized Service Center.
Continuing to use while operating abnormally might
cause injuries.
16. If the unit is mistakenly dropped or strikes another
object, make a thorough check of the unit for cracks,
breakage or deformation, etc.
Injuries might occur if the unit has cracks, breakage
or deformation.
17. Do not use near objects generating high heat such as
Fires might occur if used near such locations.
18. Make a thorough inspection if using the cordless blower
to blow or clean viscous powder or dust particles.
Powder or dust particles might be suctioned in and
adhere internally, causing the vanes to break or
injuries to occur.
19. Do not leave on locations such as benches or floors
while still rotating.
Injuries might occur.
(Without battery and charger)
15 min (Battery: 14.4 V, 3.0 Ah)
BSL1430: Li-ion 14.4 V (3.0 Ah, 8 cells) BSL1830: Li-ion 18 V (3.0 Ah, 10 cells)
1.5 kg
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (sold separately)
1. Battery
(1) BSL1430: RB14DSL
(Without battery and charger)
0 – 15000 min
0 – 3.9 kPa
0 – 2.2 m
/ min
19 min (Battery: 18 V, 3.0 Ah)
1.6 kg

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