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Cordless blower
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In the operation and maintenance of power tools,
the safety regulations and standards prescribed in
each country must be observed.
Hitachi Power Tools are constantly being improved
and modified to incorporate the latest technological
Accordingly, some parts may be changed without
prior notice.
Important notice on the batteries for the Hitachi
cordless power tools
Please always use one of our designated genuine
batteries. We cannot guarantee the safety and
performance of our cordless power tool when
used with batteries other than these designated
by us, or when the battery is disassembled and
modified (such as disassembly and replacement
of cells or other internal parts).
We guarantee Hitachi Power Tools in accordance with
statutory/country specific regulation. This guarantee does
not cover defects or damage due to misuse, abuse, or
normal wear and tear. In case of complaint, please send
the Power Tool, undismantled, with the GUARANTEE
CERTIFICATE found at the end of this Handling
instruction, to a Hitachi Authorized Service Center.
Due to HITACHI's continuing program of research and
development, the specifications herein are subject to
change without prior notice.
Information concerning airborne noise and vibration
The measured values were determined according to
EN60745 and declared in accordance with ISO 4871.
Measured A-weighted sound power level: 91 dB (A)
Measured A-weighted sound pressure level: 80 dB (A)
Uncertainty KpA: 3 dB (A).
Wear hearing protection.
Vibration total values (triax vector sum) determined
according to EN60745.
Vibration emission value
Uncertainty K = 1.5 m/s
The vibration emission value during actual use of the
power tool can differ from the declared value
depending on the ways in which the tool is used.
To identify the safety measures to protect the operator
that are based on an estimation of exposure in the
actual conditions of use (taking account of all parts of
the operating cycle such as the times when the tool is
switched off and when it is running idle in addition to
the trigger time).
h = 2.9 m/s



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