Sony CDU625 User Manual

Cd-rom drive unit
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CD-ROM Drive Unit
User's Guide
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©1998 by Sony Corporation
Rev. 1.0
BKC: MBD90211
CD-ROM Drive Unit
User's Guide
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  • Page 1 CDU625 CD-ROM Drive Unit CDU625 CD-ROM Drive Unit User’s Guide Mode d’emploi Bedienungsanleitung User’s Guide Mode d’emploi ©1998 by Sony Corporation Rev. 1.0 Bedienungsanleitung BKC: MBD90211...
  • Page 2 When you use this unit as a CD player, use compact discs located on the top of the drive. LASER KLASSE 1 with the following mark. Bei diesem CD-ROM-Laufwerk CDU625 PRODUKT handelt es sich um ein Laser-Produkt der Klasse 1. Ein entsprechender Aufkleber mit...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Checklist .......................22 Note: Additional Installation Cases.................23 The CDU625 is not equipped with an ADPCM audio circuitry required to Service Contacts in Europe ................23 support CD-ROM XA and CD-I compatible audio modes. In addition, the unit does not support the CD-I graphic decoding function; it has to be Specifications provided by the system.
  • Page 4: Software Requirements For Ms-Dos 6.X

    Location of Controls Software Requirements for MS-DOS 6.x Front Panel To access data on CD-ROM discs, the appropriate device driver and The front panel controls are described in the illustration below. MSCDEX (supplied with the host adapter) must be installed in your computer.
  • Page 5: Precautions

    Precautions Hardware Installation Installation Installing the Drive Unit into the Computer Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to: As you go through this section, you may wish to refer to your computer’s – high humidity manual for a more detailed description of how to install internal drives. –...
  • Page 6: Step 2: Scsi Configuration

    Step 2: SCSI Configuration Step 3: Finding the Connector Locate the SCSI cable in your computer. One end of the cable is connected The SCSI cable should have one or more connectors on the end opposite to to the SCSI host adapter card as shown below. SCSI host adapter card, as shown below.
  • Page 7: Step 5: Setting The Jumpers

    Step 5: Setting the Jumpers The recommended jumper for use is AMP Shunts (14227-1), JAE Short Socket (PS-2SH4-1) or equivalent. Set the jumpers on the rear panel of the drive unit in accordance with the The following table shows the function of each pair of jumper pins. configuration of your computer system.
  • Page 8: Step 6: Connecting The Drive

    CD-ROM drive into the bay as shown. Secure the CD-ROM drive to the frame by using the prepared screws. Pin 1 Interface Connector CDU625 Drive Unit Power Supply Connector Audio Out Connector Red Edge...
  • Page 9: Step 9: Installation Review

    The red edge of the flat cable must be closest to pin number 1 of the interface card connector. The following illustration is a sample system configuration of the CDU625 CD-ROM drive installation with a SCSI card. PARITY CDU625 Drive...
  • Page 10: Installing The Software Driver

    Installing the Software Driver Operating the Drive MS-DOS 6.x This section describes how to start the drive and eject a disc. The MSCDEX (or equivalent) and a device driver for the CD-ROM drive are supplied with the host adapter. Install both the MSCDEX Starting the Drive (or equivalent) and the device driver in order to use the CD-ROM drive.
  • Page 11: Ejecting The Disc

    Note: Ejecting the Disc When the drive is set up in vertical position, use the appropriate disc locks To eject the disc, press the eject button on the front panel. The drawer to prevent your disc from falling. comes out automatically. Disc locks Press the eject button.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    DEVICE TYPE jumper present Simply access the following address: PREVENT/ALLOW jumper present TEST MODE jumper not present The jumpers are preset at the factory, as below illustrated (default ID = 3). PARITY TERMINATION PREVENT/ ALLOW ID SELECT TEST MODE...
  • Page 13: Specifications

    Specifications General Environmental conditions Host interface SCSI-2 Operating Disc Temperature 5 °C to 50 °C (41 °F to 122 °F) Acceptable discs CD-Digital Audio Humidity 10 % to 90 % (Max wet bulb 29 °C) CD EXTRA Atmosphere Non-condensing CD-ROM mode-1 data Non-operating/Storage CD-ROM mode-2 data Temperature...
  • Page 14 Dimension diagram Important: The overhang of the screws should not exceed 6.0 mm from the surface of the side panels or the bottom plate. 203 (8) 42.3 47.5 79.25 Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications...

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