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Using The Lower Thread Counter - Brother S-7220C Instruction Manual

Single needle direct drive needle feed lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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3-7. Using the lower thread counter

The lower thread counter can be used to let you know approximately how much lower thread is remaining.
The value displayed by the lower thread counter display is reduced by 1 from the initial setting value each time the sewing
machine sews 10 stitches, and a warning is given when the counter goes below"0".
<Initial value setting>
(Press for 2 seconds or more)
<Lower thread counter operation>
(Initial value)
1. When sewing is carried out, the value shown in the lower thread counter display is reduced by 1 for every 10 stitches sewn.
(When the value goes below zero ("0"), a minus sign appears and counting continues to a maximum of "-999".)
2. When the value goes below "0", a warning icon (1) illuminates and an electronic buzzer sounds for 5 seconds.
3. Sewing will be possible even after the treadle is returned to the neutral position and the sewing machine stops. However,
after the treadle has been depressed backward and thread trimming has been carried out, sewing using the treadle will no
longer be possible.
When the RESET key (2) is pressed, the warning icon (1) will switch off and the display will return to showing the initial
values. Sewing using the treadle will then be possible.
After about 2 seconds, the buzzer will sound and the lower thread counter display
will show the initial value which was set previously.
When the + key is pressed, the setting increases.
When the - key is pressed, the setting decreases.
If you hold down the keys, the setting will change more quickly.
If a value of "0" is set, the lower thread counter will not operate.
The initial setting value will be accepted when sewing starts.
(Buzzer sounds for 5 seconds)
Reduces by 1
for every 10
stitches sewn
Sewing is possible
until thread trimming
is carried out.
Press the RESET key (2).



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