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Lubrication - Brother S-7220C Instruction Manual

Single needle direct drive needle feed lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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Approx. 2 mm
Approx. 2 mm
B. Gearbox oil quantity
Check the quantity of oil in the gearbox immediately
after tilting back the machine head.
When the machine head is left for long periods in the
tilted-back position, the amount of oil in the felt inside
the gearbox drops and the oil level seen from the oil
window (1) rises, so that it becomes impossible to
measure the actual oil level accurately.
The position of the oil level in the oil window (1) will
vary depending on the angle of the machine head.
Tilt back the machine head while the head rest (2) is
installed in the correct position as shown in the table
processing diagram on page 3 (refer to page 4).
<Checking the oil quantity>
The oil level should normally be approximately 2 mm above
the center reference line in the oil window (1). (70 ml of
lubricating oil is added to the gearbox at the time of shipment
from the factory.)
1. Look at the oil window (1) from directly in front.
2. If the oil level is below the normal level, add more
lubricating oil as described in the following procedure.
1. Remove the rubber cap (3).
2. Add lubricating oil until the oil level is approximately 2 mm
above the center reference line in the oil window (1).
Do not pour all of the lubricating oil in at once at this time.
Pour the lubricating oil 10 ml at a time while checking the
oil window (1).
Do not pour too much lubricating oil into the specified
If too much oil is added, oil leaks may result.
3. Insert the rubber cap (3) securely.
4. Return the machine head to its original position.
The rubber cap (3) has a hole in it for adjusting the air
When replacing the rubber cap (3) use only the
replacement part specified by Brother.



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