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Check These Points If Your Dishwasher; Information Codes; Troubleshooting And Information Codes - Samsung DW-FG720 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Troubleshooting and

information codes


Will not start.
Has a bad odour.
Has water remaining after the
programme has finished.
Has food particles remaining
on the dishes.
Does not dry dishes well.

30_ Troubleshooting and information codes

DD68-00093A-04_S05_140602_EN.indd 30
The door is not closed completely.
The Start/Reset
button is not
No programme is selected.
The power cord is not connected.
There is no water supplied.
The control panel is locked.
There is water left over from the last
The drain hose is folded or clogged. Straighten and unclog the hose.
An inappropriate programme was
been selected.
The filter is contaminated or not
correctly fasten.
No dishwasher detergent or not
enough detergent is being used.
The pressure of the supplied water
is low.
Spray arm jets are clogged.
The dishes are improperly loaded.
The water is too hard.
There is no rinse aid in the
dispenser or not enough rinse aid
was used.
Multi taps were used without
selecting the Multi Tap function.
Glasses and cups with concave
bottoms hold water.
This water may spill onto other
items when you are unloading.
Check that the door is latched and
closed completely. Press the Start/
button before closing the
Select a programme.
Connect the power cord.
Check that the water supply valve
is open.
Deactivate the Child Lock function
to unlock the control panel.
Add detergent without loading
dishes and run the Auto
programme to clean the
Select a programme according
to the soil level of the dishes as
directed in this manual.
Clean the filter and make sure the
filters are fitted properly.
Use an automatic dishwasher
detergent or use more detergent.
The water supply pressure must be
between 0.05 MPa and 0.8 MPa.
Clean the spray arms.
Rearrange the dishes so they
have good water access and do
not interfere with spray arm and
dispenser operation.
Check salt refill indicator and refill
dishwasher salt.
Check the dispenser and add rinse
Check rinse aid setting.
Select the Multi Tap function or use
rinse aid.
After finishing the cycle, empty the
lower rack first and then the upper,
this will avoid water dripping from
the upper rack onto the dishes in
the lower rack.
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Table of Contents

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