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Loading Your Dishwasher; Dishwashing Guidelines; Using The Baskets - Samsung DW-FG720 User Manual

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Loading your dishwasher


Follow these simple guidelines to get the best results and save energy.
Before loading dishes
Remove food remains such as bones, fruit seeds, etc. and waste such as toothpicks, paper napkins,
etc. from your dishes. Food remains and waste can damage your dishes, make noise and even result
in a product malfunction.
Do not wash items that are covered with ash, sand, wax, lubricating grease or paint.
These materials will damage the dishwasher and ash does not dissolve and will distribute in hole
Items not suitable for the dishwasher
• Copper, brass, tin, ivory and aluminium items or with an adhesive
• Non-heat resistant plastics
• Craft items, antiques, valuable vases and decorative glassware
• Colours painted over a glaze
• Wooden cutlery and crockery or items with wooden parts
• Delicate glassware, or glassware containing lead crystal
Silverware that has been in contact with foods containing sulphur can become discoloured. These
include egg yolks, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, fish, fish brine and marinades.
• Clouding may occur on glasses after frequent washing. Do not wash delicate glassware, or glassware
containing lead crystal in the dishwasher.
Aluminium components (e.g. grease filters) must not be cleaned with caustic, alkaline cleaning agents.
These may damage the material, or in extreme cases, cause a severe chemical reaction. Use only
Items e. g. glasses, porcelain and cutlery which the manufacturer declare as dishwasher-proof.


Handling the baskets
Do not use excessive force to slide the baskets in or out. This may damage the baskets and the items
inside the baskets.
18_ Loading your dishwasher
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Table of Contents

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