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Using The Upper Basket; Using The Lower Basket - Samsung DW-FG720 User Manual

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Using the upper basket

Use the upper basket for mainly small, light or delicate items such as cups, saucers, glasses, dessert
bowls, etc.
Adjusting the upper basket
You can adjust the height of the upper basket for additional clearance for placing large items in either the
upper or lower basket.
Remove all items from the cup selves before adjusting the height. Failing to do so may damage the
items and the basket.
1. Pull out the upper basket.
2. To raise the upper basket: Hold the upper basket on both sides and
gently pull it up as far as possible.
3. To lower the upper basket: Hold the upper basket on both sides, and
lift it up for a short step. And then push it down gently.
Whenever you adjust the height, make sure that the upper spray arm will not become caught on the
dishes loaded in the lower basket as it spins.
Make sure that the upper basket is level. If the upper basket is raised on one side, it will prevent the
door from closing fully and cause problems with the dishwasher operation.
Do not raise the upper basket on one side only. Doing so will prevent the door from closing fully and
consequently cause problems with the dishwasher's operation.

Using the lower basket

Use the lower basket for large plates and heavy items such as serving platters, pans, pots, bowls, etc.
Small items such as saucers can also be placed in the lower basket.
Do not place delicate glassware in the lower basket.
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Table of Contents

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