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Operating Your Dishwasher; Basic Instructions; Using The Programme Selection Buttons - Samsung DW-FG720 User Manual

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Operating your dishwasher


1. Open the door.
2. Load the baskets.
Do not overload the baskets.
3. Make sure the spray arms are not obstructed.
4. Add the appropriate amount of dishwasher detergent into the dispenser and on the door (if required).
5. Push the Power
6. Select a programme appropriate for the type of load using the PROG. button. (Refer to the "Using the
programme selection buttons" section on page 24.)
The indicator for the selected programme illuminates.
7. Select any additional functions.
This turns on the corresponding indicators.
8. Push the Start/Reset
9. When the wash cycle if completed, the dishwasher sounds a chime.
The power is automatically turned off after 10 minutes.
10. Unload the baskets.
Unload the lower basket, the upper basket, and the cutlery tray (if loaded) in this order.
This will prevent water from the upper basket dropping onto items in the lower basket.


Select a programme appropriate for the type of load and soiling using the PROG. button.
Intensive 70 ºC
Auto 40 ~ 65 ºC (DW-FG720, D154,
DW5363PGB, D156, DW5343TGB,
Normal 65 ºC (DW-FG520, D153)
Express 65 ºC
ECO 45 ºC
Quick 50 ºC
Delicate 40 ºC
Prewash (DW-FG720, D154,
DW5363PGB, D156)
Using the Prewash function (DW-FG520, D153, DW5343TGB, D155)
Press the Prewash button to use the Prewash function.
24_ Operating your dishwasher
DD68-00093A-04_S05_140602_EN.indd 24
button to turn on the dishwasher.
button and close the door to start.
Heavily soiled items include pots and pans
Lightly to heavily soiled daily using items,
automatic detection of the amount of soils
Normally soild daily using items
Normally soiled daily using items, with short cycle
Normally soiled daily using items, with reduced
energy and water consumptions
Lightly soiled with very short cycle time
Lightly soiled delicate items
Cold rinse for remove only dirt on dishes stored
for a long time or soaking dishes which are dried
up before other programme running.
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Table of Contents

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