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Using Rinse Aid - Samsung DW-FG720 User Manual

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Checking the Salt Refill indicator
If the "Salt Refill " indicator is lit, add dishwasher salt as described above.
A lit "Salt Refill " indicator means that there remains salt for three more cycles from the first switched


Filling the rinse aid reservoir
As soon as the rinse aid refill indicator lights up on the control panel , refill with rinse aid. Your dishwasher
has been designed to use liquid rinse aid only.
Using a powdered rinse aid will clog up the reservoir opening and cause the dishwasher to malfunction.
Rinse aid improves the drying performance of the dishwasher.
Do not add regular detergent into the rinse aid reservoir.
1. Remove the rinse aid reservoir cap by rotating it counterclockwise.
2. Fill the rinse aid reservoir with rinse aid.
Use the viewing port when filling the rinse aid.
Do not fill the reservoir above the rinse aid level as the rinse aid
may overflow during the wash cycle.
To prevent excessive foam formation during the next cycle,
remove any rinse aid which has run over with a cloth.
3. Turn the rinse aid setting to a rinse aid amount between 1 and 6. The
higher the level, the more rinse aid will be used.
If you are unable to rotate the rinse aid leveller with ease, try using a
4. Close the rinse aid reservoir cap by rotating it clockwise.
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Table of Contents

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