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Using The Sound On/Off Function; Using Dishwasher Salt; For The First Time - Samsung DW-FG720 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Before using the product for
the first time


1. While holding down the Delay Start
access the setting to activate/deactivate the Sound On/Off function.
2. Press the Sanitize
"Rinse Refill " indicator turns on to indicate that Sound On function has been activated.
"Rinse Refill " indicator turns off to indicate that Sound Off function has been activated.
Even though Sound Off function has been activated, the error sound plays when an error occurs.
3. To exit the Sound On/Off setting, press the Power


Filling the salt reservoir
In order to use soft water, you need to fill the salt reservoir with dishwasher salt.
Use dishwasher salt only.
Do not use any other type of salt or solvent. This may damage the salt reservoir and the water
softening system.
Always fill the salt reservoir just before running one of complete washing programmes to prevent
corrosion due to the excess salt or salty water.
1. Open the door.
2. Open the salt reservoir cap by rotating it counterclockwise.
3. Fill the salt reservoir with water(only required when switching on the
appliance for the first time)
4. Add the dishwasher salt.
The salt reservoir's capacity is about 1 kg. Do not overfill the salt
5. Remove excess salt from around the salt reservoir opening and cap seal.
If the excess salt is not removed, the salt reservoir cap may not
close properly and allow salt water flow out with negative impact to
the performance.
6. Rotate the salt reservoir cap clockwise until it is completely shut.
Recommended that if spilled a lot of salt or salty water to inside
Tub, run the Prewash
grain or salty water can occur corrosion.
Depending on the size of the salt grains, it may take a while for
the salt to dissolve and the "Salt Refill " indicator to turn off.
16_ Before using for the first time
DD68-00093A-04_S05_140602_EN.indd 16
and Half Load
button to activate or deactivate the Sound On/Off function.
to clean inside Tub. Any remaining salt
buttons, press the Power
button to
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Table of Contents

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