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Settings For Measurement - Mitsubishi Electric AG-150A Instruction Book

Air-conditioner network system.
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5-3 Settings for measurement

To measure the temperature or the amount of electricity, click the [Function1]-[Measurement] in the menu, and
open the Measurement screen. Settings for controllers used for measurement can be made.
After the settings are made, click [Save Settings] to send setting data to AG-150A.
Note: If PAC-YG50ECA Expansion Controllers are connected, Expansion Controller system selection buttons will appear. Select
the desired Expansion Controller (EC1, EC2, or EC3), and make the settings for each system. Make the settings with the
Expansion Controllers properly connected.
Note: To use the measurement data for energy saving (peak cut) control, the energy saving (peak cut) license must be registered.
Check that the license have been registered properly on the license registration screen (refer to chapter9). It is not
necessary to register the license to display the present measurement data or trend graph or to send an error mail.
Note: If the user logs in as a building manager, some of the operations may be prohibited.
Note: When connecting AG-150A controllers by connecting an Expansion Controller to the system, measurement settings should
be made only on one of the AG-150A controllers.
Selection of items to be
Select the items to be measured
between by sensors (such as
temperature/humidity) or by
meters (such as amount of
Unit address will be
displayed here.
Expansion Controller system
selection buttons
Click to select the system to be set.
Selection of decimal point
Select the decimal point
Trend interval
Select the data saving interval.
Read setting data from AG-150A.
5-3-1 Registering AI controllers for temperature/humidity sensors
System settings for measurement sensors can be made. Up to two temperature/humidity sensors can be
connected to one AI controller.
Temperature/humidity selection
Items to be
Setting Details of
sensor 1
Setting Details of
sensor 2
(1) Use the scroll bar, and select the address to which the AI controller (PAC-YG63MCA) is connected.
(2) Select the icon of the AI controller (
Note: To disconnect the AI controller, click the icon of the AI controller that has been selected. The icon will be in unselected state.
(3) Enter the name of the sensor.
(4) Select either the temperature icon (
(5) Enter the measurable range of the temperature or of the humidity.
Note: When the Pt sensor is connected, the range must be between -30ºC and +60ºC. When the sensors other than the Pt
sensors are connected, enter the ranges that are described in the operation manuals.
Measurement settings on Expansion Controllers (PAC-YG50ECA), when connected, must be made
with the Expansion Controller properly connected to ensure proper settings.
Sensor name
Measurable range
) in the column of items to be measured.
) or the humidity icon (
Setting details
Set the details for measurement.
Scroll bar
Switch the address.
Mail sending settings
Set the Type of E-Mail, Mail
Subject, and E-Mail Address.
Save Settings
Send setting data to AG-150A.
Selection of separator
Select the separator character for
CSV file.
Settings for upper/lower
limit alarm
Scroll bar
Upper limit
Upper limit
Lower limit
Lower limit


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