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Draining Residual Water/ Cleaning The Filter - Whirlpool WWDC-7444 Instructions For Use Manual

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We recommend that you check and clean the filter
regularly, at least two or three times a year, especially:
• If the "Clean pump" indication
• If the appliance is not draining properly or if it fails to
perform spin cycles.
If the washing machine stands in a room prone to frost, you
have to drain residual water after each wash to avoid damages.
IMPORTANT: make sure the water has cooled before
draining the appliance.
1. Stop the appliance and unplug it.
2. To open the plinth (depending on the model):
- Push down the tabs right and left (if available) to
release the plinth and remove it (picture "A").
- Remove the plinth by using the siphon insert of
the detergent dispenser: push downwards one
side of the plinth with your hand, then push the
siphon insert into the gap between plinth and
front panel and pry open the plinth (picture "B").
3. Place a container near the washing machine.
4. If your washing machine has an emergency drain hose:
- Unclip the emergency drain hose.
If there is no emergency drain hose: place a broad,
flat container beneath the filter (picture "D"). Ignore
steps 5-8 and proceed with 9.
5. Hold the emergency hose's end into the container
and remove the stopper (picture "C").
6. Wait until all the water has drained, then refix the
stopper at the hose's end (picture "E").
7. Refix the emergency drain hose (if available) to the clip.
8. Lay an absorbable cotton cloth (e.g. a towel) on the
floor in front of the filter.
9. Slowly open the filter by turning it counter-clockwise
(picture "F"); wait until all the water has drained, then
unscrew the filter completely and remove it.
10. Only for draining residual water: tilt the appliance
forwards carefully (a second person must help you)
to allow the water to flow out completely.
11. Only for cleaning the filter: clean the filter and the
filter chamber; check that the pump rotor in the filter
chamber moves freely.
12. Reinsert the filter and screw it in clockwise as far as it
will go.
13. Pour about 1 litre of water into the detergent
dispenser to reactivate the "Eco system". Check that
the filter is inserted properly and securely and no
water comes out.
14. Reinstall the plinth (picture "G"); if necessary, tilt the
washing machine slightly backwards for doing that
(a second person must help you).
15. Plug in the washing machine. It is now ready for
operation again.
lights up.
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