After Sales Service - Whirlpool WWDC-7444 Instructions For Use Manual

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Before contacting After-Sales Service:
1. Try to remedy the problem yourself (see
"Troubleshooting Guide").
2. Restart the programme to check whether the
problem has solved itself.
3. If the washing machine continues to function
incorrectly, call our After-Sales Service.
For some models, you can obtain via our After-
Sales Service or your specialist dealer:
• A Pedestal Drawer which can be installed
beneath your washing machine. It raises your
machine to allow for more comfortable loading
and unloading, as you now no longer need to
bend as far to access the door. Furthermore, it
offers a great space-management tool and
storage solution.
• A Stacking Kit, by which your dryer can be
fixed on top of your washing machine.
Never lift the appliance by the worktop when transporting.
1. Pull out the mains plug.
2. Turn off the tap.
3. Check that machine door and detergent dispenser are properly closed.
4. Disconnect the inlet and drain hoses.
5. Eliminate all water from the hoses and from the appliance (see "Draining Residual Water/Cleaning
The Filter").
6. Fit the transport bolts (obligatory).
• The nature of the problem.
• The washing machine model.
• The service code (number after the word
The After-Sales Service sticker can be found
inside the door.
• Your full address.
• Your telephone number and area code.
After-Sales Service phone numbers and
addresses are given on the guarantee card.
Alternatively, consult the dealer where you
purchased the appliance.
• A Stacking Kit Shelf, by which your dryer can
be fixed on top of your washing machine to
save space and to facilitate loading and
unloading your dryer in that high position.
• A Cover Panel Kit, by which your washing
machine can be built under a continuous kitchen
worktop, for example. Check with our After-Sales
Service or your specialist dealer if this is possible
for your washing machine model.
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