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Intended Use; Safety Instructions - Whirlpool WWDC-7444 Instructions For Use Manual

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This washing machine is exclusively destined to
treat machine washable laundry in quantities
which are usual for private households.
• Observe the instructions given in these
Instructions for Use, the Installation Guide and
the Programme Chart when using the washing

1. Safety instructions

• The washing machine is
appropriate for indoor use
• Do not store flammable fluids
near the appliance.
• The washing machine can be
operated by children from the
age of 8 years up, as well as by
people with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities
or lack of experience and
knowledge, provided they are
supervised or instructed
regarding the safe use of the
washing machine and they
understand the dangers
resulting from the use.
Children must not play with
the washing machine. Care
and maintenance works on
the washing machine must
not be carried out by children
without being supervised.
• Do not operate the washing
machine at temperatures
below 5 °C.
• If you want to place a dryer on
top of your washing machine,
first contact our After-Sales
Service or your specialist
dealer to verify if this is
• Keep these Instructions for Use, the Programme
Chart and the Installation Guide; if you pass on
the washing machine to another person, also
give him/her Instructions for Use, Programme
Chart and Installation Guide.
possible. This is only admitted
if the dryer is fixed on the
washing machine by using an
appropriate stacking kit
available through our After-
Sales Service or your specialist
• After installation, access
to the mains plug or to
disconnection from mains
supply must be ensured at
all times via a double-pole
• Turn off the tap when not in
• Before any cleaning and
maintenance switch off the
machine or disconnect it from
the mains.
• Never open the door forcibly
or use it as a step.
• If necessary, the power cable
may be replaced with an
identical one obtained from
our After-Sales Service. The
power cable must only be
replaced by a qualified
technician or by our After-
Sales Service, to avoid
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