Whirlpool WWDC-7444 Instructions For Use Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool WWDC-7444

  • Page 2: Intended Use

    INTENDED USE This washing machine is exclusively destined to • Keep these Instructions for Use, the Programme treat machine washable laundry in quantities Chart and the Installation Guide; if you pass on which are usual for private households. the washing machine to another person, also •...
  • Page 3: Disposing Of Packaging And Scrapping Old Washing Machines

    2. Packaging 5. EC Declaration of Conformity • The packaging material is entirely recyclable, • The appliance conforms to the following and marked with the recycling symbol European Standards: Adhere to current local regulations when 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive disposing of packaging material. 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 3.
  • Page 4: Before Using The Washing Machine

    BEFORE USING THE WASHING MACHINE 1. Removing the packaging and inspection • Use only new hoses to connect the washing • After unpacking, make sure that the washing machine to the water supply. Used hoses must machine is undamaged. If in doubt, do not use not be used and should be discarded.
  • Page 5: Description Of The Washing Machine

    DESCRIPTION OF THE WASHING MACHINE Depending on the model: 1. Worktop 2. Control panel 3. Detergent dispenser 4. Service plate (inside the door) 5. Door 6. Pump access with filter and emergency drain hose (if available) behind the plinth 7. Adjustable feet DOOR To open the door, hold the door handle and pull the door.
  • Page 6: Preparation Of The Washing

    PREPARATION OF THE WASHING 1. Sort the laundry according to... • Blood, milk, eggs etc. are generally removed by • Type of fabric / care label symbol the automatic enzyme phase of the programme. Cottons, mixed fibres, easy care/synthetics, • To remove red wine, coffee, tea, grass and fruit wool, handwash items.
  • Page 7 Please note: Too much detergent can result in excess foam formation, which reduces washing efficiency. If the washing machine detects too much foam, it may prevent spinning, or prolong the programme duration and increase the water consumption (see also remarks on foam formation in the “Troubleshooting Guide”).
  • Page 8: Using Chlorine Bleach

    Using chlorine bleach • Wash your laundry in the desired programme (Cotton, Synthetics), adding an appropriate amount of chlorine bleach to the SOFTENER chamber (close the detergent dispenser carefully). • Immediately after end of programme, start the “Rinse and Spin” programme to eliminate any residual bleach smell;...
  • Page 9: Draining Residual Water/ Cleaning The Filter

    DRAINING RESIDUAL WATER/ CLEANING THE FILTER We recommend that you check and clean the filter regularly, at least two or three times a year, especially: • If the “Clean pump” indication lights up. • If the appliance is not draining properly or if it fails to perform spin cycles.
  • Page 10: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE Appliance exterior and control panel Door seal • Wash down with a soft, damp cloth. Dry with a • Dry the door seal after each washing with an soft cloth. absorbent cotton cloth; make sure that the Appliance interior door seal is completely dry before closing the •...
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Your washing machine is equipped with various automatic safety functions. These enable faults to be detected in good time and the safety system can react appropriately. These faults are frequently so minor that they can be removed within a few minutes. Problem Causes, Solutions, Tips Appliance does not start,...
  • Page 12: Description Of Failure Indications

    Problem Causes, Solutions, Tips The washing machine is at Normal function of the washing machine used for optimizing the rinse a standstill for several phase. One reason for such a pause can be that you might have used too minutes in the middle of a much detergent;...
  • Page 13 Failure Indication Description indicator on display Causes blinks (if available) Solutions from “F03” to “F43” “Electrical module fault” (except “F18” and Push the “Reset” button for at least 3 seconds. “F24”) “F24” May appear for very water-soaking laundry, or if you added too much laundry for a programme destined for small loads only.
  • Page 14 REMAINING MOISTURE CONTENT OF THE LAUNDRY AFTER SPINNING The degree of moisture remaining in the laundry after spinning mainly depends on the fabric type, the selected programme and spin speed. The lowest remaining moisture content can be achieved using the wash programme referred to by the Energy Label, with maximum spin speed.
  • Page 15: After Sales Service

    AFTER-SALES SERVICE Before contacting After-Sales Service: Specify: • The nature of the problem. 1. Try to remedy the problem yourself (see • The washing machine model. “Troubleshooting Guide”). • The service code (number after the word 2. Restart the programme to check whether the SERVICE).
  • Page 16: Electrical Connection

    Please do not attempt to change plug yourself. This procedure needs to be carried out by a qualified technician in compliance with the manufactures instructions and current standard safety regulations. Manufacturer: Whirlpool Europe s.r.l. Viale Guido Borghi 27 21025 Comerio (VA) Italy EN 15...
  • Page 17 5019 300 00591...

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