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Care And Maintenance; Appliance Interior; Cleaning The Detergent Dispenser - Whirlpool WWDC-7444 Instructions For Use Manual

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Appliance exterior and control panel
• Wash down with a soft, damp cloth. Dry with a
soft cloth.

Appliance interior

• After each washing, leave the door open for some
time to allow the inside of the appliance to dry.
• If you never or seldom wash your laundry at
95 °C, we recommend to occasionally run a
95 °C programme without laundry, adding a
small amount of detergent, to keep the interior
of the appliance clean.
Do not use detergents containing solvents, scouring powder, glass or general purpose
cleaners, and flammable fluids. They may harm the plastic surfaces or other parts.

Cleaning the detergent dispenser

1. Pull out the dispenser drawer until it stops. Press with your
finger on the small depression over the "PUSH" marking
(fig. "A") to release the drawer and pull it out completely.
2. Remove the siphon from the softener chamber by pulling it
upwards (fig. "B"). If available, also remove the insert for liquid
detergent from the main wash chamber and remove the
coloured siphon part (fig. "C").
3. Wash all the parts under running water.
4. Clean the dispenser compartment with a damp cloth.
5. Refit the siphon in the softener chamber by pushing it down
until it stops; if your washing machine has an insert for liquid
detergent, add the coloured siphon part to the insert again.
Then push the dispenser drawer back into the dispenser
Water supply hose(s)
(picture D, E or F - depending on model)
Check regularly for brittleness and cracks. In case of a damage,
replace it by a new hose of the same type, available through our
After-Sales Service or your specialist dealer.
If the inlet hose of your washing machine corresponds with the
model on picture "E", periodically check the safety valve
inspection window: if it is red, the hose's waterstop function was
triggered, and the hose must be exchanged by a new one from
our After-Sales Service or your specialist dealer. This model may
have a release lever which must be pressed down while
unscrewing the hose.
If your supply hose has a transparent hose coating (fig. "F"),
periodically check the colour; if it intensifies locally, the hose may
have a leak and should be replaced. Contact our After-Sales
Service team or specialist dealer to obtain a replacement hose.
Cleaning the mesh filter in the water supply hose(s)
1. Close the tap and loosen the inlet hose on the tap.
2. Clean the internal mesh filter and screw the water inlet hose
back onto the tap.
3. Now unscrew the inlet hose on the rear of the washing machine.
4. Pull off the mesh filter from the washing machine connection
with universal pliers and clean it.
5. Refit the mesh filter and screw the inlet hose on again.
6. Turn on the tap and ensure that the connections are
completely water-tight.
Door seal
• Dry the door seal after each washing with an
absorbent cotton cloth; make sure that the
door seal is completely dry before closing the
door of the empty washing machine.
• Check the condition of the door seal
• Check and clean the filter regularly, at least two
or three times a year (see "Draining Residual
Water/Cleaning The Filter").
EN 9
Release lever
Control window

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