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Please note:
Too much detergent can result in excess foam formation, which reduces washing efficiency.
If the washing machine detects too much foam, it may prevent spinning, or prolong the programme
duration and increase the water consumption (see also remarks on foam formation in the
"Troubleshooting Guide").
Insufficient detergent may result in grey laundry and also calcifies the heating system, drum and hoses.
Where to put detergent and additives
The detergent drawer has three chambers (fig. "A").
Main Wash Chamber
• Detergent for the main wash
• Stain remover
• Water softener
Softener Chamber
• Fabric softener
• Liquid starch
Pour additives only up to the "MAX" mark.
Prewash Chamber
• Detergent for the prewash
• Fabric softener ONLY when using Colours 15° plus (if available)
If you use liquid detergent, close the dispenser right after having
filled in the detergent.
Insert for the Main Wash Chamber (fig. B - only available for
washing machine models with option "Colours 15° plus"):
This insert must be used in the main wash chamber if you activate
option "Colours 15° plus" and you intend to use liquid detergent
for the main wash.
IMPORTANT! This insert is suitable for liquid detergents only and
must not be used for powder detergents.
If you always use liquid detergents for the main wash, you can
leave the insert in the main wash chamber even when the option
"Colours 15° plus" is not activated.
How to use the option "Colours 15° plus" (if available):
If you activate this option, you must
• add the insert to the main wash chamber only if you intend to
use liquid detergent for the main wash (fig. C)
• pour liquid detergent into the insert placed in the main wash
chamber (fig. D). If you use powder detergent, do not use the
insert. Pour powder into the main wash chamber directly.
• pour liquid fabric softener to the prewash chamber (fig. E),
according to the dosing recommendations indicated on the
softener bottle.
• if you want your laundry to be soft, you can of course add liquid
fabric softener to the softener chamber as well
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