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Reset Wan - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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reset wan-users [all | ip-address ]
This function disconnects the specified WAN User to allow for other users to access the WAN. This func-
tion is only available if the number of WAN Users is restricted and NAT is on. Use the all parameter to
disconnect all users. If you logon as Admin you can disconnect any or all users. If you logon as User,
you can only disconnect yourself.

reset wan

This function resets WAN interface statistics.
reset wepkeys
This function allows you to force your wireless WEP key settings back to the default values, if there are
default values. For example, on some models, the WEP keys are based on the serial number. This
allows you to get back those default settings if you have changed them without the need to reset the
entire configuration of the unit.
restart [ seconds ]
Restarts your Motorola Netopia® Gateway. If you include the optional seconds argument, your Motor-
ola Netopia® Gateway will restart when the specified number of seconds have elapsed. You must enter
the complete
command to initiate a restart.
show all-info
Displays all settings currently configured in the Motorola Netopia® Gateway.
show backup
Displays the status of the Backup port, Up or Down, and reports the current port in use.
show bridge interfaces
Displays bridge interfaces maintained by the Motorola Netopia® Gateway.
show bridge table
Displays the bridging table maintained by the Motorola Netopia® Gateway.
show config
Dumps the Motorola Netopia
Gateway's configuration script just as the
command does in
config mode.
show crash
Displays the most recent crash information, if any, for your Motorola Netopia® Gateway.

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