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Wireless Settings (Supported Models) - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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Administrator's Handbook

Wireless Settings (supported models)

set wireless option ( on | off )
Administratively enables or disables the wireless interface.
set wireless network-id ssid { network_name }
Specifies the wireless network id for the Gateway. A unique ssid is generated for each Gateway. You
must set your wireless clients to connect to this exact id, which can be changed to any 32-character
set wireless auto-channel mode { off | at-startup | continuous }
Specifies the wireless AutoChannel Setting for 802.11G models. AutoChannel is a feature that allows
the Motorola Netopia® Gateway to determine the best channel to broadcast automatically. For details,
"Advanced" on page
set wireless default-channel { 1...14 }
Specifies the wireless 2.4GHz sub channel on which the wireless Gateway will operate. For US opera-
tion, this is limited to channels 1–11. Other countries vary; for example, Japan is channel 14 only. The
default channel in the US is 6. Channel selection can have a significant impact on performance,
depending on other wireless activity in proximity to this AP. Channel selection is not necessary at the
clients; clients will scan the available channels and look for APs using the same ssid as the client.
set wireless network-id closed-system { on | off }
When this setting is enabled, a client must know the ssid in order to connect or even see the wireless
access point. When disabled, a client may scan for available wireless access points and will see this
one. Enable this setting for greater security. The default is on.
set wireless mode { both-b-and-g | b-only | g-only }
Specifies the wireless operating mode for connecting wireless clients: both-b-and-g, b-only, or g-
only, and locks the Gateway in that mode.
If you choose to limit the operating mode to B or G only, clients using the mode you
excluded will not be able to connect.
set wireless scheduler option { on | off }
Enables or disables the scheduler for turning the wireless radio off and on during specified times.
Default is off.
set wireless scheduler begin-time hh : min
Specifies the time to turn the wireless radio on, when wireless scheduler option is set to on.

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