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Dhcp Settings - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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DHCP Settings

As a Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server, your Motorola Netopia® Gateway can assign IP
addresses and provide configuration information to other devices on your network dynamically. A device
that acquires its IP address and other TCP/IP configuration settings from the Motorola Netopia® Gate-
way can use the information for a fixed period of time (called the DHCP lease).
Common Commands
set dhcp option { off | server | relay-agent }
Enables or disables DHCP services in the Motorola Netopia® Gateway. You must enable DHCP services
before you can enter other DHCP settings for the Motorola Netopia® Gateway.
If you turn off DHCP services and save the new configuration, the Motorola Netopia® Gateway clears its
DHCP settings.
set dhcp start-address ip_address
If you selected
pia® Gateway can reserve a sequence of up to 253 IP addresses within a subnet, beginning with the
specified address for dynamic assignment.
set dhcp end-address ip_address
If you selected
set dhcp lease-time lease-time
If you selected
Gateway. Enter lease time in
set dhcp option-group name
Specifies a name for one of up to eight DHCP Option Groups. Each Option Group can have a name of
between 1 and 15 characters. The name is used in the DHCP filterset syntax to choose what group of
gen-options is to be served to a particular DHCP Client. See
"DHCP Option Filtering" on page
Option Groups refer to gen-options; they do not contain them. Deleting a gen-option from an option
group does not delete the option. Adding a gen-option to an option-group does not preclude it from
being added to another option-group.
set dhcp default-option-group name
Sets the option group specified by name as the default.
set dhcp server-address ip_address
If you selected
, specifies the first address in the DHCP address range. The Motorola Neto-
, specifies the last address in the DHCP address range.
, specifies the default length for DHCP leases issued by the Motorola Netopia®
(day/hour/minute/second) format.
, specifies the IP address of the relay agent server.
"DHCP Generic Options" on page 154

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