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Upnp Settings; Dsl Forum Settings - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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UPnP settings

set upnp option [ on | off ]
PCs using UPnP can retrieve the Gateway's WAN IP address, and automatically create NAT port maps.
This means that applications that support UPnP, and are used with a UPnP-enabled Motorola Netopia
Gateway, will not need application layer gateway support on the Motorola Netopia
Gateway to work
through NAT. The default is on.
You can disable UPnP, if you are not using any UPnP devices or applications.
set upnp log [ off | on ]
Enables or disables UPnP logging.
set upnp read-only [ off | on ]
Enables or disables

DSL Forum settings

TR-064 is a LAN-side DSL CPE configuration specification and TR-069 is a WAN-side DSL CPE Manage-
ment specification.
DSL Forum LAN Side CPE Configuration (TR-064) is an extension of UPnP. It defines more services to
locally manage the Motorola Netopia
Gateway. While UPnP allows open access to configure the Gate-
way's features, TR-064 requires a password to execute any command that changes the Gateway's con-
set dslf-lanmgmt option [ off | on ]
Turns TR-064 LAN side management services on or off. The default is on.

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