Wireless; Logs - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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Administrator's Handbook
Devices on LAN
Displays the IP Address, MAC (hardware) Address, and network Name for each device on your LAN con-
nected to the Gateway.


When you click
The Wireless Statistics page:
❑ displays your Router's unique hardware Wireless (MAC) address.
❑ displays detailed statistics about your Wireless LAN data traffic, upstream and downstream.


When you click Logs, the Logs page appears.
Select a log from the pull-down menu:
❑ All: Displays the entire system log.
❑ Connection: Displays events logged for the WAN connection.
❑ System: Displays events logged for the Gateway system configuration.
The current status of the Gateway is displayed for all logs.
❑ You can clear all log entries by clicking the
❑ You can save logs to a text (.CTXT) file by clicking the
to your browser's default download location on your hard drive. The file can be opened with your
favorite text editor.
Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer for Windows XP, require that you specify the
Motorola Netopia
is necessary to allow the "download" of the log text file to the PC.
, the Wireless Statistics page appears.
Clear All Logs
Gateway's URL as a "Trusted site" in "Internet Options: Security". This
Save to File
button. This will download the file

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents