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Remote Access - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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Administrator's Handbook

Remote Access

When you click
This link allows you to authorize a remotely-located person, such as a support technician, to directly
access your Motorola Netopia
expert help. You can limit the amount of time such a person will have access to your Gateway. This will
prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access after the time limit has expired.
❑ Since you've already entered an Admin password, you can use that Admin password or enter a new
password. If you enter a new password, it becomes the temporary Admin password. After the time-
out period has expired, the Admin password reverts to the original Admin password you entered.
Enter a temporary password for the person you want to authorize.
❑ Select a Timeout period for this password, from the pull-down menu (5 – 30 minutes, or Unlimited).
Remote Access authorization lasts for a selected period of inactivity, after which it is automatically
disabled again, to protect against unauthorized access attempts to your Gateway. Selecting Unlim-
ited will enable remote access until the Gateway is rebooted. Be sure to tell the authorized person
what the password is, and for how long the time-out is set.
❑ "Permanent" remote access to the Gateway (i.e. access which is not disabled after the Gateway is
rebooted) may be configured in the CLI. See the command
abled | none }" on page
Click the
button. You can manually disable it, before the timeout period ends, by clicking the
button, or by restarting the Gateway.
Access, the Enable Remote Access page appears.
Gateway. This is useful for fixing configuration problems when you need
165. This is not a recommended practice, but may be needed for some
"set ip dsl vccn restrictions { admin-dis-

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