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Dmt Settings - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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DMT Settings

DSL Commands
set dmt dsl-annex-support [ off | on ]
This controls whether other annex support (just as Annex M) is enabled. Default is off.
set dmt type [ lite | dmt | ansi | multi | adsl2 | adsl2+ | readsl2 |
adsl2anxm | adsl2+anxm ]
Selects the type of Discrete Multitone (DMT) asynchronous digital subscriber line (ADSL) protocol to
use for the WAN interface.
The type value also supports the following settings on certain model units: adsl2, adsl2+, readsl2,
adsl2anxm, adsl2+anxm.
Some dmt type settings are now supported for many Annex B (335xN) platforms. 2200
Series and 33xxN Series models are supported. Currently, adsl2anxm and adsl2+anxm
are not supported in Annex B.
set dmt autoConfig [ off | on ]
Enables support for automatic VPI/VCI detection and configuration. When set to on (the default), a pre-
defined list of VPI/VCI pairs are searched to find a valid configuration for your ADSL line. Entering a
value for the VPI or VCI setting will disable this feature.
set dmt dmt dying-gasp [ default | off | on ]
Enables or disables Gateway "dying gasp" behavior in cases of power failure. Default is off.
set dmt wiringMode [ auto | tip_ring | A_A1 ]
(not supported on all models) This command configures the wiring mode setting for your ADSL line.
Selecting auto (the default) causes the Gateway to detect which pair of wires (inner or outer pair) are in
use on your phone line. Specifying tip_ring forces the inner pair to be used; and A_A1 the outer pair.
set dmt metallic-termination [ auto | disabled | always_on ]
(not supported on all models) This command allows you to apply a sealing current to "dry" DSL lines so
that the wiring doesn't corrode.
❑ auto - The device will scan for standard telephone service (POTS). If it finds POTS, it disables metal-
lic termination. If it does not find POTS during the search period, then metallic termination is
❑ disabled - There is no POTS detection, and metallic termination is disabled.
❑ always_on - The device will scan for POTS for information only. Metallic termination is always

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