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Statistics; Dsl - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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Administrator's Handbook


When you click
cal sub-headings:
Available Statistics links vary by platform.


When you click
The DSL Statistics page displays information about the Gateway's WAN connection to the Internet.
❑ Line State: May be Up (connected) or Down (disconnected).
❑ Modulation: Method of regulating the DSL signal. DMT (Discrete MultiTone) allows connections to
work better when certain radio transmitters are present.
❑ Data Path: Type of path used by the device's processor.
Downstream and Upstream statistics
❑ Max Allowed Speed (kbps): Your maximum speeds for downloading (receiving) and uploading
(sending) data on the DSL line, in kilobits per second.
❑ SN Margin (db): Signal to noise margin, in decibels. Reflects the amount of unwanted "noise" on
the DSL line.
❑ Line Attenuation: Amount of reduction in signal strength on the DSL line, in decibels.
❑ CRC Errors: Number of times data packets have had to be resent due to errors in transmission or
in the left hand column of links, the links bar expands to display six statisti-
❑"DSL" on page 54
❑"ATM" on page 55
❑"Ethernet" on page 55
❑"IP" on page 55
❑"LAN" on page 55
❑"Wireless" on page 56
❑"Logs" on page 56
These screens will vary depending on your Gateway's model and traffic activity.
, the DSL Statistics page appears.

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