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Backup Ip Gateway Settings - Motorola Netopia 3397GP Administrator's Handbook

Netopia 2200, 3300 and 7000 series routers
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Administrator's Handbook

Backup IP Gateway Settings

The purpose of Backup is to provide a recovery mechanism in the event that the primary connection
fails. A failure can be either line loss, for example by central site switch failure or physical cable break-
age, or loss of end-to-end connectivity. Detection of one of these failures causes the Gateway to switch
from using the primary DSL WAN connection to an alternate gateway on the Ethernet LAN. In the event
of a loss of primary connectivity you have the option of switching back to the primary circuit automati-
cally once it has recovered its connection.
A typical application would be to have a LAN connection from your Gateway to another Gateway that
has, for example, another DSL modem or Gateway connection to the Internet, and designating the
second gateway as the backup gateway. Should the primary WAN connection fail, traffic would be
automatically redirected through your alternate gateway device to maintain Internet connectivity.
set backup option [ disabled | manual | automatic ]
Specifies whether backup to an IP gateway is disabled or enabled as manual or automatic. Default is
set backup failure-timeout [ 1 - 10 ]
Specifies the number of minutes you want the system to wait before the backup port becomes enabled
in the event of primary line failure, when backup option is set to automatic. Sets the Default is 1.
set backup ping-host-1 option [ name | address ]
set backup ping-host-1 [ hostname | ip-address ]
set backup ping-host-1 ip-address ip_address
set backup ping-host-1 hostname hostname
set backup ping-host-2 option [ name | address ]
set backup ping-host-2 [ hostname | ip-address ]
set backup ping-host-2 ip-address ip_address
set backup ping-host-2 hostname hostname
Specifies whether the Gateway will ping an IP address or resolvable DNS name, when backup option is
set to automatic. These are optional items that are particularly useful for testing if the remote end of a
VPN connection has gone down.
Specifies an IP address or resolvable DNS name for the Gateway to ping. The Gateway will ping both
addresses simultaneously at five-second intervals, recording the ping responses from each host. The
Gateway will proceed into backup mode only if neither of the configured remote hosts responds.
set backup auto-recovery [ off | on ]
Turns automatic recovery off or on. Default is off.
set backup recovery-timeout [ 1 - 10 ]
If auto-recovery is set to on, specifies the number of minutes for the system to wait before attempting
to switch back to the WAN connection. This allows you to be sure that the WAN connection is well re-
established before the gateway switches back to it from the backup mode. Default is 1.

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