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Safety Information; Electrical Safety - Asus 5U Tower Chassis Kit AK34 User Manual

Asus ak34 5u tower chassis kit user guide
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Safety information

Electrical Safety

Before installing or removing signal cables, ensure that the power
cables for the system unit and all attached devices are unplugged.
To prevent electrical shock hazard, disconnect the power cable from
the electrical outlet before relocating the system.
When adding or removing any additional devices to or from the
system, ensure that the power cables for the devices are unplugged
before the signal cables are connected. If possible, disconnect all
power cables from the existing system before you add a device.
If the power supply is broken, do not try to fix it by yourself. Contact
a qualified service technician or your dealer.
This product is equipped with a three-wire power cable and
plug for the user's safety. Use the power cable with a properly
grounded electrical outlet to avoid electrical shock.
Operation Safety
Any mechanical operation on this server must be conducted by
certified or experienced engineers.
Before operating the server, carefully read all the manuals
included with the server package.
Before using the server, make sure all cables are correctly
connected and the power cables are not damaged. If any
damage is detected, contact your dealer as soon as possible.
To avoid short circuits, keep paper clips, screws, and staples
away from connectors, slots, sockets and circuitry.
Avoid dust, humidity, and temperature extremes. Place the
server on a stable surface.



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