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Motherboard Installation; Motherboard Dimensions - Asus 5U Tower Chassis Kit AK34 User Manual

Asus ak34 5u tower chassis kit user guide
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Motherboard installation

This section only describes how to install a supported motherboard into
the AK34 chassis kit. Refer to the motherboard user guide for
instructions on installing specific motherboard components.

2.3.1 Motherboard dimensions

This chassis kit supports an ASUS motherboard that measures 12x12
inches (30.5 x 30.5 cm). Motherboards of smaller sizes will fit into the
system chassis. Refer to the motherboard user guide for more information
on the system requirements.
Make sure that the motherboard you intend to install into the chassis
does not exceed the maximum specified dimensions. Otherwise, it will
not fit into the chassis.
10.5 in (26.67 cm)
Chapter 2: Hardware setup



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