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Installing 5.25-Inch Drives; Removing The Front Panel Assembly - Asus 5U Tower Chassis Kit AK34 User Manual

Asus ak34 5u tower chassis kit user guide
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Installing 5.25-inch drives

If you have previously used and powered up the system, and that it
may be connected to an AC power source, make sure to unplug the
power cable before installing or removing any system components.
Failure to do so may cause severe damage to the motherboard and
other system components!
Three 5.25-inch drive bays are
located on the upper front part of the
chassis. A CD-ROM drive that comes
standard with the system package
occupies the uppermost bay (labeled
1) . The two lower bays (labeled 2 and
3) are available for additional
5.25-inch devices.

2.4.1 Removing the front panel assembly

Before you can install a 5.25-inch drive, you should first remove the
front panel assembly (front bezel and front panel cover). The front
panel assembly is attached to the chassis through four hooked tabs
on the left side and four hinge-like tabs on the right side.
To remove the front panel assembly:
1. Use a flat-head screwdriver to detach the hooked tabs from the left
side of the front panel.
ASUS AK34 chassis kit
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