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Installing A New Saw Blade - Black & Decker BPSM1510 Instructions Manual

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Note: If you elect to mount your saw to a piece of plywood,
make sure that the mounting screws don't protrude from the
bottom of the wood. The plywood must sit flush on the work
support. When clamping the saw to any work surface, clamp
only on the clamping bosses where the mounting screw
holes are located. Clamping at any other point will interfere
with the proper operation of the saw.
Caution: To prevent binding and inaccuracy, be sure the
mounting surface is not warped or otherwise uneven. If the
saw rocks on the surface, place a thin piece of material
under one saw foot until the saw sits firmly on the mounting

Installing a new saw blade

(Unplug the mitre saw) do not use ferrous metal or masonry
cutting blades in this saw
Loosen hex bolt on center cover counter clockwise with
box wrench.
Lift up the safe cover and center cover.
Press down the lock to lock spindle.
Loosen hex bolt clockwise with box wrench, then
dismount the bolt and flange.
Mount the blade of saw on spindle. Make sure that the
arrow direction on surface of saw blade is same as one
of the cover.
Note: There are two different internal diameters of cutter in
inner plate which have steel stamp marked 25.4mm 16mm.
When mounting, the outer diameter of inner plate must be
correspondent with the internal diameter of saw blade.
Mount flange and hex bolt.
Press axle lock and tighten hex bolt counter clock wise
with box wrench firmly, then tighten hex bolt clockwise to
fix centre cover.
Note: Only use attached wrench when mounting or
dismounting saw blade. When dismounting saw blade, lift up
safe cover and centre cover. Loosen hex bolt with box
wrench and disassemble hex bolt, flange and saw blade.
Never depress the spindle lock pin while the blade is
rotating. Be sure to hold the guard bracket down and firmly
tighten the guard bracket screw when you finish installing the
saw blade. Failure to do so will cause serious damage to the
Assembling and adjusting your saw
Perform all assembly with saw unplugged. attach mitre
clamp handle.
Remove the mitre clamp handle (4) from the plastic parts
bag and carefully thread it into the bracket in the front of the
Attaching dust bag
A zippered cloth dust bag is included with your saw. To
attach the bag, fit the plastic opening firmly over the dust
spout (9).
Note: The saw can also be used with a vacuum cleaner
hose attached to the dust spout or without any attachment.
Perform all adjustments with the mitre saw unplugged.
Note: Your mitre saw is fully and accurately adjusted at the
factory at the time of manufacture. If readjustment due to
shipping and handling or any other reason is required, follow
the steps below to adjust your saw:
mitre scale adjustment. place a square against the saw's
fence and blade, as shown in Fig. D. (Do not touch the
tips of the blade teeth with the square. To do so will
cause an inaccurate measurement.) Loosen the mitre
clamp handle (4) as shown in Fig. E and swing the mitre
arm until the mitre latch (5) locks it at the 0 mitre position.
Do not tighten the clamp handle. If the saw blade is not
exactly perpendicular to the fence, loosen the two screws
that hold the handle to the base (shown in Fig. 6) and
move the arm of the saw left or right until the blade is
perpendicular to the fence, as measured with the square.
Retighten the two screws. Pay no attention to the reading
of the mitre pointer at this point.


Table of Contents

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